Oasis Elementary Library


Mary Montoya

Ms. Montoya is a Library Clerk at OES.  She has worked for MUSD since 2006.  Her favorite subject in elementary school was Math.  Her favorite thing about working in the Library is reading to the students.  Ms. Montoya has three children:  Jasmyn, Jaelyn, and Michael Jr.  Her children are her everything.  Ms. Montoya would like to remind the students who visit the library to "Please use your walking feet and quiet voices in the Library."


We are looking forward to meeting the students and helping them in the library as their classes come each week.  Your library clerk this year is Ms. Montoya.  The following district guidelines may be helpful:

1.   Children in grades 1-3 may check out one book.  Children in grades 4-6 may check out two books.  Exceptions may be made in some cases with a teacher’s approval.

2.   Library books are checked out to individual students.  They are due one week from the check-out date.  It is important that students take good care of their books and that they are returned on time.  A fee will be charged for book damage, and a full replacement fee will be charged for lost books

3.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call OES library. 

4.   Concerning textbooks:  If a child takes his/her textbooks home, they must be covered.  A simple book cover from a grocery bag is adequate.  Please do not put sticky book covers on the books.  This kind of book cover permanently damages textbooks.  The following book cover directions may help you.

5.   When a student leaves, the teacher will return consumable textbooks and workbooks to the library for reissue to incoming students.



 1.   Cut off bottom of bag; cut down side and open the bag so it lays flat.

2.   Place opened book on the paper and trace around book.

3.   Fold in top and bottom edges on penciled lines.

4.   Fold sides so they extend 5 inches or more inside book cover (front & back).  Try it on to make sure you leave enough paper to close the book!

5.   Insert book, and voila!  A Book Cover!

6.   Tape book cover along top and bottom.  DO NOT TAPE the COVER to the BOOK!

7.   Write the BARCODE NUMBER on the outside of the book. 

8.   Write NAME and SUBJECT on SPINE, and DECORATE outside of book, if desired.

9.   If you want your book cover to last a long time, cover bag/ cover with transparent plastic shipping tape.


DO NOT COVER YOUR BOOKS WITH STICKY BOOKCOVERS!  These will permanently damage books and you will be responsible for the cost of a replacement text book!



Turn them in on time.

Keep away from pets and small children.

No eating and drinking while reading.

Turn pages slowly so they don't rip.

Use a bookmark to save your place.

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