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OES History

Oasis Elementary School opened its doors in 1957.  Students were transfered from 29 Palms Elementary.  Mrs. Luke, first grade teacher, was kind enought to share some OES history that her husband Shawn had while he attended OES when it opened its doors.  Mr. Luke was part of a group of students transfered from 29 Palms Elementary. He shared some interesting facts about his time at OES.  

Oasis Elementary School in 1957:

-- a hot lunch cost 25 cents, milk cost 5 cents

-- there were "school safety" kids who wore white belts and helped monitor lunch and made sure their fellow students were not running in the halls

-- the children participated in square dancing activities

-- the children were given swats with a "big paddle" for fighting and other offenses

-- the school had a band that was directed by Mr. Garry LaVoie

-- the first principal was Mr. Donald McCune

-- the District Superintendent, for Morongo School District, was Mr. Samuel E. McElfresh

-- Ms. Sondra Peck, Ms. Ruth Hifts, and Mr. Leon Hilton taught Kindergarten

-- Miss. Cullen, Mrs. Leftridge, and Mrs. Damuth taught First Grade

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Luke for the memories!

Oasis Elementary original office 
 Old Oasis class photo
Oasis Bobcat Mascot 
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