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Our Staff

Administration Office

Email, Website
Derek Swem
Benita Ansari
Assistant Principal
Jackie Brandt
Chad Shakespeare
Queenette Foisia
Administrative Assistant
Tanya Luke
School Secretary/ Registrar
Torrey Norris
Office Tech/ Attendance

Teaching Staff

Email, Website
W. Chris Allen
History Teacher
Malisha Brewer
Special Programs Teacher
Coach Vincent Bullion
P.E. Teacher
Terry Burdett
MTSS/Intervention Teacher
Catherine Colella
English Teacher/ Project Lead The Way
Jim Cottrell
Science Teacher
Rebecca Fisk
Math Teacher
Robert Harrigan
History Teacher/ Art History
Gerry Kenney
Special Programs Teacher
Ted Luke
Science Teacher/ Personal Finance Teacher
Lauren Masing
Special Programs Teacher
Susan Mcnally
Teacher-Spec Ed/Sed
Cindy Ross
English Teacher/ Leadership Teacher
Jason Schmit
Science Teacher / Project Lead The Way
Jen Smith
MTSS Teacher
Doug Walters
STEAM/ Math Teacher
Jerry Zuniga
P.E. Teacher/ Healthy Lifestyles
Mr. Kojo McCallum
On Campus Intervention Teacher
Morgan Rial
English Teacher

Support Staff

Email, Website
April Abrams
School Nurse
Pearl Burch
Campus supervisor
Lisa Cutler
Library Technician
Ethan Daniels
In Asst/Sped, Special Education
Mary DEan
In Asst/ Classroom, Library Substitute
Nicole Fenstermaker
Nutritional Svc Mgr
Pamela Holmes
Secondary Campus Supervisor
Suzanne Jillson
Nutritional Svc Wkr/Lead
Darriel Lewis
Raunnie Luperon
Health Technician
Mike Montoya
Senior Custodian W/Gymnasium
Julie Moreno
ASB accountant
Marissa Navarrette
Nutritional Svc Wkr
Yvette Suarez
In Asst/Sped, Special Education I.A.
Allison Toa
In Asst/Sev Disabled, Special Education
Phillip Valenzuela
Edith Walters
In Asst/Sped, Special Education
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