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WeTip makes it easy to make a confidential tip. To report something suspicious or illegal anonymously online, all you need is to submit a tip. WeTip promises and ensures absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality. WeTip provides intelligence and information to local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies relating to activity obtained from an online and telephone reporting hotline.


Family Involvement

Attendance Matters!

Please view the following documents on the importance of attendance and the impact of absences. 

Teach your child about Bus Safety!

Learn the "Danger Zones"

Bus safety is important! Please review this graphic with your child so that they understand the "danger zones" around the school bus. 

MUSD Parent Resources Site

Parents, if you need assistance with aspects of distance learning, such as accessing Canvas or connecting to WiFi, please check out this new website created for you!  MUSD Virtual Parent Resources

Stay Informed!

  • Access your Illuminate portal and complete your emergency information. The parent portal is a great way to keep tabs on your student's grades and attendance. 
  • Have you found our page on Facebook? It is a great place to stay informed about events happening at school and get accurate, up-to-date information. JTES Facebook
  •  Download the SafeStop app on your phone if you have a bus rider. You will be able to track your child's bus and get information on bussing delays.
This form replaces the Meal Benefit Application. Please complete to ensure funding for our schools.
Instructions on how to access your parent portal on Illuminate to update contact information, view grades, and more.
"Blue cards" are now online! Directions on how to update this information.
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