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Principal's Message

Welcome to 2020-2021!

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Dear Prospector Families,

I am proud, humbled, and honored to lead our school in a season of transformation. Two years ago, we began our journey together with the focus word: unity. Coming together, building our team and school community and uniting in a common vision was year one. Year two, our team focused on being intentional. With relationships, planning, and response to data.

Our focus word for 20-21 is transformation.

Definition: the act or process of transforming; the state of being transformed; change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

Without a doubt, we are in the depths of a transformation that we could not have predicted or planned with distance learning. Through this transformation, we will work to keep our momentum that we have been building over the past two years. We have had some amazing progress and growth in positive community, instructional practice and student achievement. As partners in education, you are an important part of that!

Our focus words and actions do not begin nor do they end in a single year. We will continue to strive for unity, practice intentionality, and do the work of transforming our school, our community, ourselves, and our students to serve our vision of empowering and equipping students to reach their highest personal and academic potential to pursue a limitless future.

Know that the struggle will result in amazing transformation.

Together, we can!


Celeste Wahlberg, MA, MEd


Yucca Valley Elementary School

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