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Yucca Valley Elementary School Students Attend School Safety Presentation by San Bernardino County Sheriff Department School Resource Officers

Yucca Valley Elementary School fifth and sixth grade students attended a school safety assembly by San Bernardino County Sheriff Department School Resource Officers, Deputy Gonzalez and Deputy Perez. The assembly focused on the role of school resource officers, school threats, when to report a threat and the consequences of bad actions.

Yucca Valley Elementary School Principal Celeste Wahlberg and Assistant Principal Kristen Mery coordinated the assembly in an effort to inform students of the importance of school safety and to prepare them as they advance to middle and high school.  Principal Wahlberg explained that students struggle with when they should or should not tell on their friends if they are saying, writing or posting something on social media that is a threat to themselves, other students or school site staff. “We can protect students and have a lot of resources for students that may have something going on at home that they are unable to handle themselves. Ultimately, you are going to be helping your friend and keeping your school safe,” said Deputy Perez.  

School threats can be in the form of bullying, fighting, graffiti and having weapons on campus which include tasers, pepper spray, knives and toy guns. Deputy’s Gonzalez and Perez asked the students to define graffiti and students responded with, “if it’s not your property, don’t write on it, spray paint on it, draw on it or deface it.” Examples of being mean or rude were shared as making fun of other students clothing or hair style, calling students names and excluding people. These actions become bullying when they are repeated. Possible responses to bullying were also reviewed.

When asking students about social media accounts, the majority of students raised their hand indicating they had their own social media account. “You are accountable for what you say, write or post in person or electronically and on social media. Once you send a text, post or say something, it cannot be taken back,” said Deputy Gonzalez. Students were encouraged to talk to a teacher, school staff, counselor or a school resource officer if they are having a bad day. “We want you to have a safe and good learning experience at your school. We don’t want you to end up in trouble with us or the principal,” said Deputy Perez.

“Our students well-being and safety is our number one priority at Morongo Unified School District and we are being proactive with multiple measures throughout the district,” said Morongo Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Patricio Vargas.

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