School Safety

The Morongo USD prioritizes the well-being of our students, staff and visitors and we continuously strive to implement robust safety measures.

To enhance the safety of our school campuses, we contract two School Resource Officers to regularly patrol school campuses and nearby areas. SRO’s are deputies with the Morongo Basin Sheriff's Station that provide law-enforcement services to students, families and school faculty on and off campus.

Our district employs strict access control measures to regulate entry to school premises. All visitors are required to check in at the main office, where they receive identification badges. This helps us track and monitor individuals on school grounds, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to our facilities.

Effective communication is vital in any emergency situation. We utilize a reliable communication system to disseminate timely information to parents, guardians, students and staff.

We actively collaborate with local law enforcement, emergency services, and community organizations to strengthen our overall safety efforts. This partnership ensures a coordinated response and enhances our ability to address safety concerns proactively.

We understand the importance of involving our community in the ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. We encourage parents, guardians and community members to remain vigilant and report any concerns or suspicious activities to the school administration or local authorities.

Contact Us

Jack Salseda
Risk & Transportation Director

(760) 367-9191 X 4238

Report Suspicious Behavior

If you see or experience suspicious behavior, please report the incident through See Something Say Something at 844-760-1998 or contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Morongo Basin Station at (760) 366-4175.